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Headspace Studio - Vol. 03, Right at Home - The Dining - studio singapore.jpg

Entire Space

The full studio features 650-sqft styled space. Vol. 03: Right at Home is segmented into 4 styled areas, all available for your use when you book a slot with us.

Short (2 to 4 hours)                 $65/hr

Half Day (5 to 9 hours)           $60/hr

Full Day (10+ hours)                $58/hr

Optimal light time frame: 8am - 11am

Headspace Studio Package Rental Rates.png
The Long Haul Package Rates

Secure favourable rates for your return visit. Once you've booked a Long Haul Package with us, your subsequent booking rates will be fixed at the respective package rate you've chosen – no matter the number of hours you book per session.
*min. of 2 hours per session still stands

20 hours                    $1,100 ($55/hr)

50 hours                    $2,600 ($52/hr)

Rates are exclusive of cleaning fees ($20 for standard hours, one-time fee) and a $100 rental deposit (to be refunded after the safe return of the studio). Hours booked outside of our standard opening hours between Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm, excl. PH, will incur an additional charge of $15/hr.


Headspace Studio - Vol. 03, Right at Home, Dresser Area.jpg


Clothing Rack (99 x 152cm) & Hangers – 1

​・ Garment Steamer – 1
​・ Changing Tent – 1
​・ Set-up / Dresser Table (100 x 60 x 74cm) – 1
・Round Table Mirror – 1

​・ Portable Speaker – 1
​・ 5-step Ladder – 1


​All decorative furniture and props have been displayed in the images provided of the current set. Additional items may be available – check in with us.


Photography lighting equipment is set to arrive by 26 Sep 2022 (Mon). 

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